Works Division

Lolwat Makka created the Works Division to offer and implement integrated solutions for Government and Military needs in Kuwait and the surrounding region in support of their past and on-going projects. Having Fabrication Shops and Maintenance Facilities strategically located throughout Kuwait – Amghara, and Mina allows us to offer a high quality service with maximum cost effectiveness to the client. We invested in the past so that we could sustain through volatile times and perform for the present.

work division
Nut Splitting

Lolwat Makka Technicians utilize specialist hydraulic equipment to offer the most rapid and effective method of removing corroded nuts.

Bolt Tensioning

The latest tensioning technologies we have the capability to carry out applications previously inaccessible to older tooling.

Bolt Torquing

Our highly skilled technicians use their in-depth technical knowledge, industry practices to ensure accurate bolt loading is achieved.

Flange Spreading

This is safe operation dramatically reduces down time, increases efficiency and ultimately reduces the cost of a gasket change out.

Flange Management

Lolwat Makka Gen. Trad. Co. provide professional flange manage­ment and joint integrity programs on both construction and maintenance.


Lolwat Makka provide specialist hydrotesting, nitrogen I helium leak testing, pneumatic leak testing and a range of other pre-commissioning services.

Spading and

Hydrotesting of pipeline-job includes opening repacing gasket and boxup of vents, drains, fittings and hose connections.